Business Solutions

Elluette seeks to empower businesses toward prosperous outcomes impacting positively every stakeholder in their ecosystem, thereby driving themselves towards long-term prosperity through enduring value creation. This begins by increasing awareness pertaining to their effects on human and planetary wellness, as well as legal, regulatory, economic, social and technological change impacting value innovation. In assessing forward facing opportunities, Elluette seeks to assist them in the refinement of their core purpose while driving well-researched, effective strategies towards prosperity, impacting positively and maximally shareholder value.

The enduring company is one that sees its prosperity as intimately linked to the betterment of the human condition and planetary wellness in every dimension of its business model.

Elluette business development services include organizational performance and impact assessments leading to the formulation of prosperity-driven disruptive organizational strategies that optimizes shareholder value while promoting human and planetary wellness. This includes:

  • Culture and global stability alignment
  • Leadership effectiveness and character alignment
  • Employee wellness and work optimization
  • Sustainable product and service utility strategy
  • Ethically effective go-to-market product and service alignment
  • Effective/responsible supply chain engagement
  • Lean, clean and humane production methods
  • Ethical/efficient performance methods
  • Business finance strategies and structuring engagement
  • Advanced analytics support where necessary
  • Hands free internal control focus

Organizational performance and impact assessments can incorporate the following topic analyses:

  • Organization cultural impact assessments
  • Functional organizational assessments
  • Leadership and stakeholder wellness assessments
  • Workplace efficiency and employee wellness assessments
  • Product and service utility assessments
  • Go-to-market product and service strategy analyses
  • Supply chain assessments
  • Production and/or service method assessments
  • Performance improvement methodology assessments
  • Financial analysis, valuation analysis and financing assessments
  • Internal control effectiveness and efficiency assessments

Elluette seeks to align the company as follows:

  • Ensure that the company’s products and services truly provide utility to customers, with a cradle to cradle emphasis
  • Ensure that customers are informed with integrity regarding the true benefits of the company’s products and services
  • Ensure that the company responsibly manages their entire chain of value production. This means ensuring that human rights and planetary wellness stand at the fore of their supply and demand chain decisions
  • Ensure that the communities within which the company operates thrive. In effect, where ever they operate, that they enhance the greater community by standing firm to support and enhance communal infrastructure, protect the citizenry and safeguard the environment


Elluette can provide an overall assessment of the organization and facilitate the formulation and implementation of sound business strategies. However, we can also do tailored assessments its topic areas. In some cases, bringing in leading experts in their field of expertise where necessary.

Tailored In-house Seminars/workshops

Elluette will provide tailored in-house seminars and workshops to assist with broad-based engagement and acceptance of responsible cultural, leadership and workforce optimization directives. This can include actionable tools that can be more broadly disseminated including learning and testing modules, and narrative and documentary shorts.