Elluette Communities

Elluette seeks to build a broad-based community of heroes across the world working together to resolve issues impacting negatively human and planetary wellness. This involves the development of a massive collaborative body that will work together harmoniously to act as exemplary individual and as noble community leaders mobilizing efforts to conserve responsibly, to recognize and reinforce multilevel wellness achievement, and to collaborate in the formation of effective local, national and global intiatives that will bring forth a world of endless opportunities.

An empathetic and compassionate Community for Lasting Change

Elluette seek to build a global web of engaged relationships to massively improve the human condition and restore planetary wellness.

Elluette seeks to build an empathetic and compassionate community for lasting change that will elevate the conversation globally, and formulate and implement effective strategies to radically improve the human condition and the global environment.

Elluette seeks to bridge individual prosperity with global prosperity by seeking collective solutions that establishes, preserves and protects each and every person’s right to a life of dignity.

The world faces major challenges that can only be resolved through the efforts of individuals, businesses, governments and societies each doing their part to maximize the utility underlying their every effort. However, this is not enough. There are issues that also require the involvement of individuals, businesses, governments and societies working together.

This will be accomplished through

    • Elluette Publicity campaigns: Targeted towards television shows, radio shows, podcasts and publications,
    • Elluette keynote addresses, workshops and seminars: To build awareness and inspire its participants to engage leadership for lasting change,
    • The Elluette Social Network: The integration of business, government and societal leadership into an active and engaged social network intent upon collaborating together for last change,
    • Elluette Regional “Global Prosperity” leadership conferences: To facilitate inter-organizational partnerships to engage radical and positive change,
    • The Elluette Newsletter: Enhancing the resolve of organizations through a newsletter highlighting initiatives and achievements,
    • The Elluette Blog: Facilitating interactive public discussions, and
    • The Elluette self-help wiki-portal: Aggregating tens of thousands of experts, organizations, videos (documentary, narrative), podcasts, articles, and practical engagement tools across myriads of categories for business, governments and the general public to easily find, self-educate and/or provide expert guidance for purposes of implementing effective intra- and inter-organizational initiatives targeted toward the betterment of the human condition and the global environment.