In the interests of world betterment, Elluette needs to engage broad based collaborations among a massive population across the world.  Therefore, if you are not inclined or cannot provide subscription support or major investment support toward Elluette initiatives,  we still need your help.  You can still support world betterment by endorsing what we are striving to do, and be counted among those who care about our collective future.  Please provide us with your endorsement and, in doing so, become an Elluette Hero.  Please ask your friends to join us as well.  By this endorsement, you will be making a commitment to your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as well as being an example for others by committing yourself to sustainable practices and neighborly behavior.  Elluette will seek to expand your awareness of major challenges, and enlist you to become actively involved in wellness initiatives within your community.

Be an Elluette Hero

Elluette seeks your endorsement in support of Elluette’s mission. In order to endorse Elluette, Elluette requires that you become an “Elluette Hero” by making a commitment to take action personally to improve the condition of humanity and the planet. This begins with personal lifestyle changes. By making this commitment, on a periodic basis, Elluette will provide you with information that can assist you in working towards this goal. This will include personal guidance materials and a monthly newsletter that includes information highlighting ways in which you can assist with some of Elluette’s transformative initiatives. Please click here to signify your personal commitment and endorsement by becoming an Elluette Hero: