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Elluette believes that humanity has the ingenuity to overcome whatever challenges it faces while achieving greater and greater levels of prosperity. Please invite us to speak to your organization with hopes of increasing your level of awareness regarding the challenges that we face and to better understand the path forward to a better and more prosperous person, organization and world.

Keynote Address To Inspire

Alan Fine

Founder and CEO Of Elluette

Alan Fine (founder and CEO of Elluette) provides keynote addresses to inspire organizations to profitably align themselves with the health, harmony and security of the world in alignment with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. His speeches include a focus on the power of human ingenuity, personal balance, authentic leadership, and engaged purpose.

Alan Raymond Fine is seasoned in business, politics, philosophy, theology, music composition, and wellness. He has been graced with the opportunity to share his insights, perspectives and creativity with others. He has spoken to the masses, nurtured thousands of students, conferred with hundreds of leaders, worked with a multitude of organizations, performed his original musical works internationally, and excelled athletically in his chosen disciplines.  To learn more about him, continue reading and please visit

As founder and CEO of Elluette, he seeks to lead prosperous collaborations with companies and governments who seek to align themselves profitably with the health, harmony and security of the world.

For decades, Mr. Fine has been transforming minds and organizations for the better. His work with organizations includes coaching mindfully pragmatic and ethical leadership, assistance with the development of healthy and productive cultures, facilitation of compelling strategic plans, exploring methods to refine internal organization processes, and assistance with financings and mergers to support organizational development and growth. As a faculty member at the Carlson School of Management for nearly a quarter century, Mr. Fine has taught these principles to thousands of students.

Mr. Fine has also seriously, and joyfully, invested a substantial portion of his life in the creative arts and athletics.

Mr. Fine is an author and poet, and a classically-trained composer and performer. His creative projects include books and musical works, all of which seeks to illuminate perspectives and elevate the soul:

Books :

Empower Your Self: A Framework for Personal Success

A Familiar Place: The Path Forward


Musical Works :

Heaven & Earth, Opus I (Classical Piano Suite) – 12 pieces

Heaven & Earth, Opus II (Classical Piano Suite) – 12 pieces

He is also a high performance athlete who has won several Mr. Natural Minnesota Masters Men’s Physique titles in his 50s. He also is a competitive U.S. Master’s swimming, competing into his 50s.

Additionally, he has explored religious, metaphysical and ethical philosophies, history, world affairs and the sciences, and has taken a multidimensional approach to spiritual, emotional and physical wellness research and practice.

Past business experience includes entrepreneurship, executive management, investment banking, management consulting, and public accounting.

As a faculty member at the Carlson School of Management for nearly a quarter century, Mr. Fine was a founder of the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship major and minor programs and served as its first director. He has also taught more than 10,000 students in three departments and over 200 class sections and has won several prestigious teaching awards. Subjects that include executive leadership, ethics, international business, business process improvement, financial and managerial accounting, and entrepreneurship including corporate venturing, entrepreneurial finance, business formation, and managing business growth.

Mr. Fine has been involved in political and civic discourse as a major party candidate in the Republican and Independence parties and as a congressional district director in the Democratic Party.

Mr. Fine received the Sons of the American Revolution Award for outstanding leadership, citizenship and patriotism and counts himself, above all, as a proud American and person of faith.

Alan Fine is host of the Global Benefit Podcast featured by Elluette.  He has also been featured in numerous local and national publications including the New York Times, the Washington Times, the Minneapolis StarTribune, Twin City Business, Minnesota Business Monthly, the Minnesota Daily, and City Pages.  He has also been featured on news programming including CNN, MPR, KSTP, WCCO TV & Radio, KARE11 TV, PBS: Twin Cities Public Television, and Radio K as well as talk shows on KARE 11 (Today), KSTP TV (At Issue with Tom Hauser), TPT TV (Almanac), MPR (Gary Eichten), 830 WCCO AM, KFAN FM 100.3, AM 1280 The Patriot and more.