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Alan Raymond Fine, Founder & CEO

Concerned about the integrity of the future of humanity which includes a sustainable planet, Elluette GBC was spawned to work collaboratively with government leaders, business leaders and the general public to lead collaborations toward the health, harmony and security of the world.  For businesses and governments, this means driving success through value innovation that yields societal prosperity.  In effect, producing positive value for every one of an organization’s stakeholders with zero negative impacts to planetary wellness and public health.   To the contrary, yielding positive tangential benefits to those indirectly effected by an organization’s decisions.

How is this possible?

We at Elluette have faith in the goodness of humanity, and believe that humanity has the ingenuity to solve problems and, with this faculty, address successfully the major public health and environmental challenges that we presently face.

Underlying this effort is the 30-plus years of experience brought by Elluette’s founder and CEO, Alan Raymond Fine, whose philosophies underlying his impetus for creating and driving Elluette’s mission are encapsulated in several book including “A Familiar Place: The Path Forward” and “Purpose” published by Prescott Publications in 2019 and “Empower Your Self: A Framework for Personal Success” published by Sunrise Press.  To learn more about Alan Raymond Fine, please visit his landing page at https://alanfine.com.

Elluette GBC is a Minnesota General Benefit Corporation.  It’s primary purpose, as stated previously on this page, is to lead collaborations toward the health, harmony and security of the world.  To accomplish this, Elluette has established a multifaceted organization that consists of collaborative public outreach (which includes a Global Benefit Podcast) combined with client services aimed toward maximizing the potential for an organization to achieve long-term prosperity without compromising the integrity of humanity nor the planet.  It’s client services provide a comprehensive guidance approach to the achievement of client prosperity and global wholeness:

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