Team Elluette

Alan Fine

Founder and CEO Of Elluette

Mr. Fine is the founder and CEO of Elluette.  For over three decades, Mr. Fine has been transforming minds and organizations for the better.  His work with organizations includes coaching mindfully pragmatic and ethical leadership, assistance with the development of healthy and productive cultures, facilitation of compelling strategic plans, exploring methods to refine internal organization processes, and assistance with financings and mergers to support organizational development and growth.  As a faculty member at the Carlson School of Management for nearly a quarter century, Mr. Fine has taught these principles to thousands of students.  Mr. Fine brings these skills and insights, and much more, to the helm of Elluette whose mission is to lead prosperous collaborations towards the health, harmony and security of the world.

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Chris Sharp

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Sharp is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the company and reports to the Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for assisting the CEO with cascading the organization’s vision, mission, strategy and culture throughout the organization and overseeing the efficient and effective performance of the organization on a day-to-day basis.

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Chandler Ignaszewski

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Ignaszewski uses his multifaceted skill sets along with his balanced personal nature to help facilitate the Elluette mission both in terms of outreach, as well as cross-departmental efforts potentially involving organizational guidance, and education.  He has a strong marketing and finance background with a degree in Finance from the Carlson School of Management.  He is also an author of multiple books on personal development, is a talented speaker, and a professional bodybuilder.

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Karilena Heikkila-Black

Senior Executive Director, Program Management

Ms. Heikkila leads the organization’s multi-dimensional research and educational efforts.  She is a highly organized and motivated leader who will confidently establish the broad-based program management organization that Elluette will require to successfully deliver keynote speeches, seminars, webinars, workshops and master classes.  She holds an MBA from the Carlson School of Management.  Mrs. Heikkila-Black also brings substantive experience in public health and psychology to her extensive knowledge in business with nearly a decade of experience working in direct patient care as a psychometrist in Neuropsychology. Her undergraduate degree is from Carthage College with a dual major in Neuroscience and Biology.

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Louis Fine

Chief Creative Officer

Mr. Fine is responsible for the overall look and feel of marketing, media and branding associated with the Elluette. He is also responsible for building Elluette’s media organization, narrative film assets, and managing, developing and leading the creative team. Moreover, he is responsible for creative content within Elluette including advertisements, associated peripheral support for conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as the production of educational content for a variety of uses including customized content for clients.

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Cody Rowan

Senior Executive Director, Creative and Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rowan assists at the highest level of Creative with the overall look and feel of marketing, media and branding associated with the organization as well as developing Elluette’s media organization. This includes assistance with managing, development and leading the creative team, and creative project engagement. He is also the chief technology officer examining the short- and long-term technology needs of the organization and making and supporting investments designed to help the organization reach its objectives.

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Dan Feltin

Senior Executive Director, Europe

As Senior Executive Director, Europe, Mr. Feltin is assisting Elluette to engage global outreach to extend Elluette products and services in pursuit of improvements to the human condition and planetary wellness. He is managing international operations, connecting Elluette efforts with experts and leadership in Europe, and in assisting Elluette with international legal requirements in several fields including financial law, banking law, commercial law and personal data law.

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Rebecka Mozes

Chief Business Developing Officer

Ms. Mozes maintains broad and comprehensive knowledge of all matters related to the business of the organization with an eye towards driving business growth through global wholeness initiatives. She is responsible for overseeing the research and development activities of Elluette associated with the organization’s sourcing of key client relationships, key global-wellness program logistics, and strategic client-side supplier and public health knowledge integration. She is also responsible for client engagement administration including building and maintaining high-level contacts with current and prospective customers and other business and project partners.  Lastly, coordinating the development of conferences, seminars, and workshops.

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Fountane Labs

Strategic Partners

Fountane is a powerful community of innovators, creators, and doers driven to build the businesses of the future.  From coders specializing in NLP, Blockchain, Full Stack, Frontend, and Backend to artists focused on photography, writing, videography, illustration, and graphic design to marketers driven towards growth, traction, influence, and management –Fountane has got the right formulas covered to tackle some of the biggest problems in the world

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