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We welcome your support of Elluette in pursuit of global wholeness engagement. Planetary wellness and human prosperity for generations to come lay in the balance. Elluette ultimately needs thousands of employees to work with organizations across the globe to engage positive change. The window of opportunity is closing fast and the resources needed are vast.

Be involved in a prosperous future for humanity by endorsing and contributing to the development of Elluette initiatives.

They involve increasing awareness as to global challenges, providing pragmatic inspiration involving global wholeness directives, educating people and organizations to engage these directives effectively, providing hands-on guidance toward organizational alignment with global wholeness, and building a community of like-minded leadership across the globe focused on healing our planet and making humanity whole.

While we are continually seeking major investors, we believe in public initiative and believe that the more engaged people are in supporting Elluette, the more they themselves will be engaged in taking leadership towards being a good example of planetary stewardship including looking out for the welfare and dignity of humanity. Moreover, just a small percentage of humanity investing as little as a $2 a month could make the difference in our collective future. Therefore, whether you invest $2, $5 or $10 per month, be counted among those who will make a difference in our collective future standing strong by the ideals of Elluette, joining its ranks as a global wellness ambassador, and enabling Elluette to chart a course towards building global wholeness.

In return for your subscription, we will provide you with a personalized thank you from Elluette founder and CEO, Alan Fine, and will (on an ongoing basis) provide you with updates on Elluette’s initiatives along with a quarterly newsletter providing guidance as to things you can do personally to support human and planetary wellness, insights into Elluette’s initiatives and how you might be able to support them, as well as information regarding seminars and conferences that Elluette is planning in your area.  Periodically, also, you will receive personal messages from the Elluette team and its CEO updating you on the Elluette organization build and the impacts of its efforts.

By subscribing to the Elluette Ambassador Program, you are making a commitment to take actions personally to improve the condition of humanity and the planet. As such, on a periodic basis, Elluette will provide you with information that can assist you in personally and collectively work towards this goal. This will include personal guidance materials, a monthly newsletter and information highlighting some of Elluette’s transformative initiatives and programming as well as critical progress towards these outcomes. Please click here to subscribe:

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